Sunday, 23 September 2012

Kohlrouladen - cabbage roulade for #BloggersAroundTheWorld

This month I set out with you on a journey around the world in a challenge kind of way. We start our trip in Germany. Therefore it's time to cook something German. I have eaten German food more often than I have cooked it myself (ah, that should not be too difficlut - well, yes, but I mean more more often). So I was thinking hard on what to cook. After all I didn't want to do something Bavarian kind to just repeat the more known things.
After some days of thinking and talking and watching, I got an idea: Kohlrouladen. It's time for cabbage and so I want to work with it a little bit.

What we will need:
3 leaves of cabbage per roulade
500 g minced meat (pork and beef)
1 small onion, finely chopped
2 tbs of bread crumbs
1 egg
A splash of Worcester sauce
Salt and pepper
A knob of butter
1 tbs of corn starch
Water and white wine

How we do it:
First of all blanch the cabbage.
Then you can go for the filling, mixing together the meat with the egg, onion, Worcester sauce and bread crumbs. Season with salt and pepper (I fought the temptation to add chilli this time).

Take three cabbage leaves for each roll (then you can afford to loose one layer later) and fill it with a handful of the meat mixture. Try to roll it together as good as possible.
Heat up a large pan at medium high heat and melt a knob of butter in it. Done? Good! Place the cabbage rolls in the pan and fry from both sides.

After that, put on a lid and let it sit there for about 20 minutes at a lower temperature, checking occasionally whether things don't get seriously burned.
Should you manage without greater loss, you can then remove them from the pan. I decided to get rid of the outer layer, because it wouldn't look so nice on the picture.
With the remains in the pan, you can whip up the gravy with some water, white wine, maybe more salt and pepper and some corn starch.

Serve it all together on a bed of salted potatoes and enjoy it. So far my entry for this September's Bloggers Around the World blog challenge.

Why not have a go yourself?


  1. This recipe looks excellent, i love it :-)

    1. Thank you! I've just re-discovered it for myself recently ...

  2. that looks interesting, cabbage is hugely underrated as a vegetable.


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