Monday, 17 September 2012

Eating in Bristol - Za Za Bazaar

During my last holiday, which consisted mostly of getting blisters and sunburn (yes, the weather in Britain is not as bad as everyone is always thinking), we also made a one day trip to Bristol. Afterwards we also made a stop in Cheddar to walk the Cheddar gorge a bit, but that is another story.
We mostly went around the harbour area. Clever as I am, I put my accumulators of my camera to charging the night before, only to discover in Bristol as I wanted to take the first photo ... well ... they were still in the charger at home. So I had to use my mobile phone.
In the harbour area they had set up some ping pong tables and I was really surprised all the equipment was still there. So we decided for a match - three sets. Another surprise! I played better then I thought.
Next a visit to Brunel's ss Great Britain was on the program.

Well, you obviously see, what it is

Set table on the ship
If you are interested in such kind of subjects, it is well worth going. You get an audio guide there and can imagine what travel must have been like at that time. Concerning the guide, you can choose whether you want to travel first class or third class. There is also an audio guide for children.
For just going once and visiting the ship and the museum is not so cheap, but the ticket is valid for one whole year, so you can keep coming back. That is, if you don't live too far away.
So when you are interested, you can spend quite some time there as we did, looking at things in detail. However, all this made us hungry. After all by now it was lunch time.
But where to go? 
Around there, a lot is on offer, but you need to make sure that it fits to your likes, to the likes of those in your group, and to the amount of money you want to spent.

So we found the right thing for us in this situation: Za Za Bazaar.
Here you pay one price and can eat as much as you want. The drinks you have to pay extra.
However, that is not the interesting thing about Za Za Bazaar. That is you have a variety of desks were you can get different kinds of food: Far East, Italian, Tex Mex, Indian and other things.

Just a small overview of what you see there.
You get also a separate section for dessert as well. But be careful if you want to eat yourself through the whole restaurant. That would not be advisable or you end up with having stomach problems.
I though, risked a bit to try a few more things.

Maybe you like some sushi ...

... or Thai soup with coconut and lemon grass ...

... or even some pho

At one point I forgot to take more photos of the food. Besides, as for the presentation of the food you have to arrange things yourself. I didn't have too much time for that.
You can also watch how things are prepared there freshly and at some points you can also order dishes according to your wishes.
Without going any more into detail as to what you can have or try, like curries, risotto, Asian noodle dishes and so forth, I like to tell you what I like about the whole idea.
For example, when you are out with a group for a meal and you can not find a clear majority vote on what to have, because one wants Chinese, another Italian, yet another Indian ... and so on, Za Za Bazaar could be the place for you to go, since you can have it all.
Well you don't have the full variety as you would have in a specialized restaurant or things might not be sophisticated, but it still good value.
Whatsoever, I enjoyed my stay and, who knows, maybe you will too if you have a try. At least I would go again, would I be in the neighbourhood. My friend did it.
You find Za Za Bazaar at Harbourside, Canons Rd, Bristol.
Finally, Za Za Bazaar fits totally to the title of this blog Cooking Around the World. We had it there, just in one place.
The hiking afterwards in Cheddar was very helpful for ... well, you know!


  1. I actually went to Bristol for the first time this past spring, and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the food was (as England always gets a bad rap when it comes to cuisine;-) Your Thai coconut soup looks amazing!

    1. As to the bad reputation, this is already a thing of long long ago. Anyway, I don't go so much for generalisations.


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