Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cake Copying - Indian Summer Cake

How can you come up with new recipes? It's not just by mere imagination. You have to do some reading, investigating, and of course eating.
Now it happened to be I was buying cake from a bakery, which I'm not doing too often. I rather bake something myself. Then you know what you have.
Anyway, I liked the idea of the cake. If I can remember it right, it was called Indian Summer Cake. I might be wrong, though. Whatever the case, right then and there I thought ... I should try this at home. Again, my imagination might be wrong, but I try to recreate it or at least something similar.

Here we go now with our attempt to copy the cake. Oh, it will end up lovely ... if nothing goes wrong, that is.

What we need: 
For the cake dough:
125 g butter
125 g sugar
3 tsp vanilla sugar
4 eggs
250g flour
1 tsp baking powder
500 ml of custard (ready made or make your own)
A big jar of sour cherries without the juice or fresh sour cherries without the stones

For the crumble:
200 g flour
100 g butter
90 g sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence or a vanilla pod

100 g white chocolate
100 g dark chocolate

What we do:
I started with preparing the custard, leaving some time afterwards for it to cool down.
Then it was time to go for the crumble by simply mixing all the ingredients together and using the fingers to make it all into crumbles.
Next the cake dough: Cream the butter, sugar, vanilla sugar and the eggs together. Then sift in the flour (by the way, I used spelt flour) together with the baking powder and then mix it all up (a hand mixer might come in handy) to have a nice dough.
Spread the dough onto a tray lined with baking paper or slightly oiled.

On top of that  spread the custard. Try to do it as even as possible ... if possible. I did it all with my rubber spatula.

Place the cherries in a way that all of the cake it's equal share. Hopefully you don't have too much juice dripping from the cherries.

Then comes the crumble. By now it's the time your oven is heated to 180°C so that the cake can go to the center of the oven for about 30 minutes if that is enough in your oven.

Once we got this far, let your cake cool down a bit. Yes, I know, the photo doesn't look too different from the previous one.
After a while you can start melting your white chocolate. At this point I did something I shouldn't have done: adding milk to the chocolate. I ended up with some lumps of white chocolate. Anyway, I threw them on the cake. Otherwise the idea would have been to do with it as we go on doing with the dark chocolate.

First of all, melting again (and not adding anything). Since the chocolate is this way absolutely fine when it is melted, we can spread it on the cake in the following way.

Should you manage, wait a bit more and then enjoy your copy cake.
What would you like to copy after you have eaten it? Let us know!
I hope soon to copy a dish from mind I had for breakfast in London lately. 
However, if you want more cake, you have to look here.


  1. Looks great - I love that cake/crumble thing, and I bet it's delicious with the cherries & custard :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes, it is or should I rather say was very delicious.

  2. Looks delish! I recently had an amazing goat cheese ravioli dish that was simply phenomenal...I have yet to be able to copy it with the same result, though!:-)

    1. If the ingredients are not too complicated, it should be possible.

  3. this sounds fantastic! thanks for sharing!

  4. ooh intriguing recipe, love the cherries and custard combo.

    1. Yes, I also thought that should be nice. So I had to do it.


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