Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wrap it ... if you can - Lebanese Tomato and Feta Wrap with Harissa

I'm home again after work - home sweet home - whatever! I'm hungry. Somehow I'm not so much in the mood for proper cooking - whatever!
This week I went again to my favourite Turkish shop to get some red chillies. While there I grab some Lebanese flat breads as well. I could do for a while - maybe five or ten minutes - with just eating the plain breads with nothing added at all. After that, though, it gets boring and something with more flavour would be nice.
By the way I'm not so much focused at the moment. So preparing food can end in just throwing some things together. For lunch I just whipped up the ingredients I would use in a nice Phở, but ... without stock - I used chilli sauce instead.

Back now to the Lebanese flat bread. I like to have a wrap with it. Therefore I just take one of those breads and spread some harissa on it. I got it from that same aforementioned shop. Harissa is a seasoning paste containing cumin, coriander seeds, garlic, salt, olive and most importantly chillies. So we be generous. We want it to burn. It helps sometimes burning your sorrows away. At least you have something else to worry about.

Just throw in some erratically sliced tomatoes and some feta cheese. If you feel like having more seasoning, why not try some oregano or thyme or even some more garlic or ... that is if you are a totally crazy weirdo ... add some more chilli (I didn't do it - that means there is still a bit of hope). You might even drizzle some lemon or lime over it.

Now wrap the whole thing - if you can. I succeeded only the first try, the second one unwrapped itself again. Whatsoever, it tasted acceptably and I might even recommend to have a go at it, that is if you like the above mentioned ingredients.
If you want to be on the safe side, you can serve it with some yogurt on the side.
What else is going on? I bought an avocado as I said I would. Now initiated the process of growing an avocado tree.

However, the avocado is not just for having an avocado tree. Of course, it is also for eating. But what? Leafing through my cookbooks didn't bring any satisfying results and I didn't want to make guacamole again. After all my Lebanese wrap was satisfied with harissa already.
Then I remembered the Vietnamese Supper club with Uyen for the food revolution day this year. I had some avocado sorbet there. A recipe you can find on Uyen's blog.
Again we have a minor obstacle, not having the stated coconut juice at hand. No worries, we find a substitute.

I'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out whether it worked. I  will go to the freezer and beat it once more before I retire to bed. Somehow I'm a bit lacking of sleep. Last night it was only about four hours of sleep. I hope I don't have too many more 'sleepless' nights!

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