Monday, 23 July 2012

Quick Mexican snack - Quesadillas with Guacamole

At times I have a longing for Mexican food. However, there is no Mexican restaurant nearby. No worries! No big deal! Just do it yourself - as so often. Besides that making quesadillas is dead simple and doesn't take much time.  
If you have wheat tortillas, guacamole, and some nice cheese (cheddar maybe) it is really assembled in no time.
Heat some oil in a pan and place one of the tortillas in it. Spread your guacamole over it.

Bravely go on and grate some lovely cheese over it. Be generous - that is if you like cheese as much as I do.
Aftewards we go on and place a second tortilla on it. It's really that simple. 
Once the bottom tortilla has turned brown (if it starts to smell strangely in your kitchen, you waited too long), carefully turn the tortillas around to finish the other side. 
That would be it. However, somehow I have the feeling that there should be more. 
Of course, you can prepare the wheat tortillas yourself. Just make sure, they get big enough.
As to the guacamole, it would be really lovely, if you do it yourself. It's also quite easy and trouble free to make.
Just take a ripe avocado and half it. Remove the stone (by the way I just found an interesting article, I want to try next time I have an avocado here: planting an avocado tree - always like experimenting and I simply love watching how things grow). When you have removed the stone, you can spoon out the fruit and mash it up in a small bowl. You mix it then with a finely chopped onion, chilli, salt, pepper, two tomatoes, one clove of garlic and a bit of vinegar and oil. That's all!


  1. Wow, this looks so simple. A good caravan dish to make when we're away. Thanks for supporting Funky Foodies, lovely to see your post.


    1. Yes, it's always good to have some of those recipes on store ...


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