Saturday, 2 March 2013

Quick, simple Walnut Pesto Omelette

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining already since I got up and there is no sign of it being over soon. It might even get that far we are having more sun in two days then in two months.
Everywhere you see buds on the trees and the bushes. Somewhere, flowers are making there way up out of the soil. Will winter now be over? Have we made it?
I don't know!
The thing I know is, that my pot of basil didn't make it. Already was it knocking on death's door and it was only a matter of time until it would make it's final decline. Would it be a time to mourn?
There would be other causes for just that. However, in a last attempt to make itself useful, the basil made it's last stand to join in a quick and simple meal.

That is just so, because I read somewhere a blog title with 'walnut pesto' in it.

2 hand full of basil leaves
6-8 walnuts
A hand full of grated parmesan
Olive oil
Salt, Pepper
3 eggs
Serrano ham (I promised you)

Good if you have a mortar. Get you basil leaves in it and start bashing them until it gets all juicy and mushy. Add the walnuts (without shells) and continue bashing. 
Then put it together with the grated parmesan and season with salt and pepper. Pour in just enough olive oil to bring it all together. It doesn't need to be runny, unless you want it to, of course.
Get your eggs ready. Crack them into a bowl. Carefully season with salt and pepper and give them a quick whisk.
Next we need a medium sized pan or a large one, if you don't have a medium sized one just like me. Bring the pan on high heat. Rub the bottom of the pan with butter.
When the pan is sufficiently heated up, pour in the eggs. Make sure they are well distributed throughout the pan. Let the heat do it's work. That shouldn't be too long. Once the omelette takes shape, that is, you can see it is getting firmer towards the top side.
Smear on the walnut pesto all over the omelette. Wait a tiny bit before you place the serrano slices on top. Now we are as good as finished. When you see, that all the egg is as good as firm, transfer the omelette to a plate and ...

... you know what you have to do. That would be a perfect meal for weeknights. in fact that is what it was in my case. I came home from work ... it was late ... I was kind of frustrated ... I didn't want to do anything and ... then I saw the basil. The rest of the story you know.


  1. I've got my mortar and some fresh basil - I'm about to make this happen! YUM!!

    1. Great! After all, there is no big deal in quickly putting it together. I think the most work is to crack the walnuts.


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