Monday, 20 August 2012

Waffles with Creme Chantilly and Strawberries

This year hasn't been the greatest success with my strawberries in the garden. As the main strawberry harvest was, there was next to nothing on my plant. After all the weather was like ... not worth to mention.
However, suddenly, already for a few days, more and more strawberries keep appearing in my garden. So it seems to be a late harvest and in the end not so bad.
Yet again it paid off, not to give up easily on my plants. I have a habit of keeping plants alive even when they look as if close to death. By that I already saved some. It would be good to apply this "not give up easily"-principle on other aspects of life. That, however, is a completely different story, which is not yet to be told.
Back to strawberries then. You could use them in a variety of ways, but nothing beats the pure pleasure of eating them just as they are. So I decided for these waffles with creme chantilly and some strawberries scattered on top.

First of all concentrate on the creme chantilly.

You need:
200 g crème fraîche
10 ml milk
1-2 tsp vanilla extract
2-3 tbs of icing sugar

You do:
Simply mix it all well together and put it in the fridge while you do the rest ... or put it even in the freezer, if you dare.

Job done! Now we go for the waffle batter.

You need:
125 g softened butter
75 g sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
4 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
125 g flour
140 ml milk

You do:
Cream together the softened butter, the sugar and the vanilla sugar. Make sure your butter is really softened. You don't want any ugly lumps later on, do you?
Then add the eggs.
Sift in the flour and the baking powder, while keeping in mind those ugly lumps. 
Finally pour in the milk and whisk it all to a nice smooth batter without any ugly lumps.
Why do I keep telling you about those ugly lumps? I didn't take the mentioned precautions, so I got them. Well, you still survive and will also manage to get nice waffles, but it's better without.

Once that is done you can go for your waffles and do them according to the instructions of your waffle-maker. What? You don't have one? Have pancakes instead.

Here a few suggestions on how to pimp your waffle batter by adding one of those:
1. a splash of rum
2. finely cut pieces of strawberries
3. a few tsp of raspberry jam
4. a few tsp of cocoa powder

Just have a try. I did. Somehow I liked to add the rum. It's not for the kids, though. That is if you have any.

Serve your ready waffles together with the creme chantilly and strawberries on top. Use amounts according to own free will.

Enjoy it! You could of course also use any other berries you fancy ... maybe blueberries. Or how do you like your berries?

SABH August - Berries

This blog post is for this months Sweet Adventures Blog Hop: Berry Nice to Meet You!


  1. I love the idea of pimping the waffle batter ;)

    Thanks for joining this hop!

    1. Well, I thought it would be too boring otherwise ...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Yes, it was very yummy! Hm ... have to do some more waffles maybe ...

  3. Lovely! Reminds me to buy a waffle maker... :)

    1. Thank you! Thought I had to use the waffle maker again ...

  4. Those waffles look great! I love fresh berries with waffles - my favourites are blueberries and raspberries, but I think strawberries fresh from the garden would be even better!

    1. Thank you! Ah, I wish it would be the time already again to get fresh strawberries from the garden.
      Well, originally I wanted to go blueberry picking for this post, but somehow it didn't work out.


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