Monday, 2 April 2012

Orange cupcakes

No time for real cooking or baking, not even - what a shame - time for proper eating. Well in the end I got something nice to eat, but this day was not planned too well. It was a rushing from one appointment to the next. 
However, I got the chance to offer my orange cupcakes from yesterday to others.

The reaction was positive. They seemed to be nice. The taste was good, but as I see it they were a failure. I combined a recipe for orange-carrot muffins with an icing that was originally with lemon. I just switched the lemon with orange and failed. The icing was good to have it as a drink, but not to put it nicely for a cupcake. Therefore I didn't remove them from the baking moulds. Maybe good to serve them with a spoon. I think they look nice on the picture. Overall, though, it didn't work out as I wanted to have it. When experimenting things can go wrong. No pain, no gain!
The other cupcakes, I did some time ago were better:

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