Monday, 1 July 2013

Jamie Does' Ratatouille-Style Briouats

How are you? That is a really difficult question. Well, it depends also on who is asking. Some ask and immediately move on. They wouldn't even notice when you say 'miserable'. Anyway, I feel miserable and things are good at the same time. While there are aspects in situations in life that can really make you feel bad, there are also other things that can help you keep going and still feel good. You know what I mean. I don't have to mention all the details. 
For instance when you are home alone, feeling lonely and having no power to cook something good for you, a ringing telephone can make a difference. So I really was happy yesterday, when that happens and I got a surprise invitation for dinner ... at once. So everyone can make a difference for someone else.
At times you also can make a difference for yourself, if you have the power to cook something. You can enjoy something really lovely. That's what I did the other day, enjoy something really lovely: Ratatouille-Style Briouats.

We are still in the middle of Bloggers Around the World Morocco and I still hadn't made use of my ras el hanout. I still had the shopping list for the Ratatouille-Style Briouats from Jamie Does in my wallet. So I went to get those few missing ingredients. Basically aubergine, harissa and warkha pastry or filo pastry.
Now with having all ingredients ready it was time to go for the Ratatouille-Style Briouats and put the ras el hanout to use. That means, I would need to try a tagine next time.
First of all some chopping of aubergine, courgette, tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion and garlic. All the bits and pieces went to a baking tray kind of thing. Some olive oil and salt and pepper generously over it and ... finally ... some ras el hanout.
Time to do something else as the vegetables are in the oven at 170 °C for 45 minutes.
Just look at the vegetables, how lovely they are. That must be a very delicious vegetable dish. How could it be otherwise.

They need a bit of cooling afterwards before they receive lemon juice. It's just getting better and better.
It's time to get the warkha pastry sheets ready. However, before we go on with that, quickly mix some harissa with Greek yoghurt.
Now to the pastry ...

It's about putting the vegetables on the pastry and then rolling it to make the briouats. Once done so with all the vegetables and the pastry sheets, it's time to fry the parcels in some oil. 
I just had to make sure they fit into my pan, which wasn't the case on the first rolling attempt. Well, you can always try again.
In the end I had five briouats. It's not advisable to eat all of them alone. So I was glad to enjoy that meal more then once. Those Ratatouille-Style Briouats were really gorgeous especially with a few drops of lemon juice and that great harissa-yoghurt dip with it.
I can only recommend this. 
Well ... eh ... I then simply just do that ...

If you want to do something nice for you, try a dish like this or invite over someone, who is home alone, for dinner. You can only win!

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