Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Cuban Special - Sopa de elote

That post about the Caribbean yesterday really made me long for it ... to be there. Especially with the weather that presented itself to me today, this is only logical. I even checked some prices for flights. There were even some reasonable ones ... great!
But wait! Although this could bring some sun into my life, it's not going to happen. Oh dear!
Well, we still have our dreams, memories and ... some food.
The following  dish is from Cuba. It is called sopa de elote, which is a soup with sweet corn. I took the recipe from the Caribbean cookbook from my shelf and ... completely messed it up. How lovely! Here we go ...

285 g of sweetcorn (I used a tin)
1 chilli
500 ml chicken stock
200 ml cream

Additional ingredients I was supposed to use, but didn't:
2 eggs, slightly whisked together

What I did:
In fact it's all not a big deal. I just tossed the sweetcorn and the chilli together with a bit from the chicken stock into the liquidizer and pureed it all. 
Then I put it all together in a pot with the remaining chicken stock and the cream and let it simmer for about 10 minutes, in which I forgot to do the below mentioned thing.
A pinch of salt! Served in a bowl with some chopped parsley on it.

What I should have done additionally:
The whisked eggs were supposed to go in as well after the salt with some stirring, but this completely escaped my mind. The soup tasted fine nevertheless.

What I did afterwards, because of frustration:
I have to say, I wasn't frustrated with the soup itself, but while fetching the sweetcorn from my supplies I noticed a lot of things that I'm supposed to use up very soon ... argh! Maybe you see some of the results here soon. That is, if I should survive.
While starting to get rid of some of the things I added a few splashes of sweet and smoky BBQ sauce to the soup and ... it didn't taste too bad. Nevertheless, you don't have to try this at home.

Finally, I don't know whether that sopa de elote is such a dish that makes you directly think about Cuba or whether this soup is so special, but it connects with the Bloggers Around the World Caribbean challenge anyway ...


  1. Arrrrgh, I am probably not going to make it for Caribean cooking, but will try.

    1. Well, Janice, there is still plenty of time left. Maybe I do a night shift on Sunday.

  2. Your sopa looks delicious! I have been eating a lot of soup lately to try to stay warm. Happy New Year!

  3. Sounds good to me and I think I'd prefer it without the eggs - wouldn't that give it a more scrambled eggs feel? Suspect I won't make this challenge either. When's the deadline?

    1. It was good to me, too. I wasn't really unhappy that I missed the eggs. So I could use them for a cake.
      The deadline is the coming Sunday. So as long as I haven't posted the round-up, you could join. And of course, posts can be ... as well.

  4. I wouldn't mind being in the Caribbean, either! :)
    That soup looks yummy-good!

  5. That's looks lovely sopa. I love sweetcorn though so it would be a winner for me. I think I'd prefer it without the eggs too. I shall (hopefully) be making my caribbean dish today. Once I finally decide what it is.... :-)

    1. Thank you! I was also totally satisfied with the way it was.
      Oh, lovely, I'm looking forward to what you will be making ...


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