Saturday, 10 November 2012

TMC - Tipsy Mint Cookies

It's time to get some ideas again and get busy in the kitchen. Although things don't feel quite easy these days, I do my best to ... eh ... do things.
Hm, maybe we can do something that is not too complicated. Do you know TMC? 
For some it is 'Traffic Message Channel' for getting some information for your navigation system, for me today it is 'Tipsy Mint Cookies'.

Some time ago I did those cookies with Ouzo. Well, things can be quite easy in life ... just substitute the Ouzo with mint liqueur and here you go. Maybe a few more little adjustments, but basically, things don't have to be so, well ... eh ... complicated.
While doing this, it reminded me of holiday in France. There we had mint water and also some ice cream with mint. Once we even made mint tea with mint water ... so we had the double power.
For our cookies, though, we are not going full power. We try to go easy on it. I still remember the rum incident ... still, however, I have a feeling those cookies are once more, not for kids, either.
Let's do it then!

250 g butter
250 g icing sugar
500 g flour
100 ml mint liqueur
80 g dark chocolate

Get yourself a bowl for working the dough in. Add the sugar and the butter and give it a good mix through-beating-kind-of-thing.

Whilst you could use an electric device, you could do it perfectly well manually.
I don't want to go in any way political here, but ... if you do it without electricity you got some advantages. You burn some extra calories and in time you can save some money and don't go to the gym anymore (of course you need to do more then just a few cookies) and you save electricity (your hand mixer may not have such a great wattage, but still you save a bit). No wonder, we have to build so many power plants and so on. We don't have to worry so much about nuclear power, but rather about the fact that everyone wants to have so much electricity for so many things.
However, as I said, I don't want to get political, neither do I want to endorse any form of power generating or to speak against it. Just some food for thought. Do we really make things easy for us by always taking the easy way. You know it from food: fast food and convenience food seem to be easier and more convenient, but ... well, you know!
Where were we? Right, making cookies.
Once the sugar and butter got kind of creamy, we can go on and add some of the flour and some of the liqueur and start incorporating it. Bit by bit we go on until all is in and we have a nice dough.

The dough is a bit on the greenish side. That is good. We can work with that.
Hm, we might get about 16 cookies. So you can divide the dough into 16 bits, form them to small balls and then flatten them to place them on a baking tray.

Then they go into the oven at 220°C for about 15 minutes. Keep an eye on them (my oven is a bit less powerful than it pretends to be)!
After that you can take them out and leave them to cool down. Meanwhile melt the chocolate over boiling water. Then have a small spoon ready and try to get some kind of chocolaty pattern on your cookies.

I hope you enjoy them. They do not taste too strong of mint, but still they are quite nice.
Still there is a bit of greenish look on them. Those might be Tipsy Mint Cookies, but they are not that tipsy. If you have a few, you still can use your car (if you didn't have something else).


  1. loving the way they've all merged together in the hot oven... really gorgeous!... love the mint liquor too, my favourite!

    1. Somehow, I still have so much of the liqueur left. I should try some other things with it as well.

  2. These sound like really interesting cookies...I do like the taste of mint with something a little sweet. I don't think I've ever tried mint liqueur...maybe I'll try it this Christmas!! :-)

    1. Have a go, it's lovely! I also like this slight greenish hue of the cookies.

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