Saturday, 3 November 2012

Lethal Pudding - Apple Crumble Rated 'R'

It's time to get serious again ...
Well, that should be enough! Did I mention I got quite a few apples? Yes, I would say so. That was mentioned somewhere around here on this blog already some days ago.
The thing is I love apple crumble and therefore, when I got those apples I said to myself (maybe to others as well) I'm going to have some apple crumble.
Normally this is a standard procedure and there is not much fuss about it. Normally!
You must have gathered by now, that things aren't quite normal around here. Maybe sometimes, but most of the time rather not.

As thoughts were moving through my head ... I could have felt asleep, considering that micro-speed of flow of thoughts ... No!
I wanted to have my apple crumble with some rum this time. Obviously that would mean, it is not for children as you will see in a few seconds ...

What my sick mind suggested to use:
5 apples (in average medium sized)
100 g sultanas
200 ml brown rum
3 tbs fruit sugar
70 g sugar
90 g flour
100 g butter

How I ended up doing (and eating it):
As things start along the road I decided to soak the sultanas in brown rum for roughly about half an hour. The label on the bottle of rum said: 54%vol. (no worries?).

Drowning sultanas don't lend themselves to breathtaking pictures. However, a smell of the rum comes into my nose even while writing this (you will see later on why).
Then I went straight on with the crumbles. Just toss the sugar and the flour together, add the butter to the bowl and rub it into the flour and sugar using that lovely fingers of yours.
Apples are next!
Of course, I don't have to tell you to peel and core them, do I?
Whatsoever, the apples are cut into smaller pieces and go into the ovenproof dish. Sprinkle the fruit sugar over it.

Maybe the sultanas are ready now. What to do now? You could mix in the soaked sultanas with the apples. Said and done. I thought (oh, oh), it would be a shame to let the rum go to waste and ... just poured it over the apples as well (not sure, whether you should try this at home).
Finally, top it with the crumble and let it go to the oven at 180°C for about 40 minutes.
Enjoy the time in between with whatever you do with 40 minutes ...

When the apple crumble comes out of the oven, it's time to eat. Already a strong aroma of rum is steaming towards me from the bowl ...
Well, eh, yes, um ... the rum aroma was quite intense, very strong. That's something for cold days, when you don't have to drive anymore.
I definitely can say, don't eat that apple crumble and drive. After having a good portion of it .... I had this feeling in my head and things were a tiny bit shaky (can be imaginary).
Absolutely, this pudding is lethal and can only be rated 'R'. It is absolutely not suitable for children.

A day later while dealing with the leftover apple crumble, the rum flavour was less intense and it was more enjoyable.
We can conclude as follows: Most probably it would be better to use less strong rum (good thing I didn't use the 80% vol. one ... wouldn't have survived that one) and not pour it over the apples (but not drinking it either) or at least not so much.
What are your thoughts on that?


  1. While I love my booze, I think I prefer it in a glass! Adore apple crumble too . . . though sometimes I can do without the apples and just eat a bowl of crumble topping with cream!

    1. I agree that is the loveliest part, the crumble. I also like it with vanilla icecream.

  2. You crazy man, but I love the idea of rum soaked raisins going into the crumble. I've read somewhere and I keep meaning to try it, about keeping a permanent jar of raisins soaking in rum - you use some of the raisins and then replace them with more dried ones. I really must get onto that.

    I haven't made apple crumble yet this year. Shocking as I've got plenty of apples, so I'd better do something about it this weekend. The thing is, do I add the rum or don't I?

    1. Keeping a permanent jar of raisins soaking in rum sounds good. Better use those then instead of adding the rum.


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