Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Don't cry for me little cupcake ... cheeky one

Cupcakes seem to be very famous. Now someone might say, cupcakes are just muffins with a frosting or a topping. That something to think about. What's your opinion on that?
Well, we don't want to argue right now. Originally they were called cupcakes, because they were baked in cups. Why not try it, next time you have cupcakes. I will! But for those, I didn't.

Already without using cups for my cupcakes, I had enough adventure in my kitchen. The smoke just subsides. Just only a few days before I did some sage anchovy fritters from Jamie's Italy. 

As it happened to me before that I had leftover batter I decided right beforehand I will only do half the amount of batter. No use, if you reduce the sage leaves as well. Therefore, once more I was stuck with leftover batter. What now? Fry other things.

Onion rings were my first choice. It worked fine. Meanwhile, I got strange ideas ...

Have a guess as to what this is! One clue, it's NOT a fried lizard. No, not even a tail of it. What is it then? You tell me first!
Whatsoever, still there was batter left and I fried some more or less thinly sliced potatoes with an anchovy filet sandwiched in. For that I don't have a photo as evidence. Wouldn't have been so good anyway, with all that smoke.
Ah, you were expecting cupcakes here in the post. I mean, not just a photo, but a recipe. However, beware of those cupcakes. They are cheeky and sneaky!
Right while I'm writing this down, muisc is playing from the loudspeakers: Evita!

'Don't cry for me Argentina
The truth is I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don't keep your distance'

I don't know, whether this or the following recipe or my post in general or whatever will make you cry, but I just wanted to mention it. Anyway, there were some wild days (frying and some other undisclosed occurences) just behind me. Besides that, around here on my blog, things are a bit mad at times (only a bit? judge for yourself).
Looking back at all this chitchat, I gather that I kept you already long enough and it should be time to get serious (as hard as it is) and do some baking.
When you are having cupcakes, the first thing that would come to your mind would be something sweet. However, I already warned you (didn't I) that these cupcakes are cheeky and sneaky.

Ingredients (makes 8 cupcakes):
300 g flour

A pinch of salt

pepper - amount prone to own will and desires

1 tsp baking powder

Leaves from 4 sprigs of thyme (yes, sorry I want to get rid of some of it)

5 tbs olive oil

200 ml milk

100 g grated cheese (according to taste, cheddar or whatever you which to try or have locally)

200 g curd cheese mixed with various herbs

8 black olives


Heat up the oven to 200°C and ... hurry to get everything ready when the temperature is reached (You don't want to waste any energy, do you?).

Thoroughly mix the flour, baking powder, thyme, salt and pepper in order to get a homogeneous mass.

Make a whole in the mixture to pour in the liquids, that is the milk and the olive oil.

Then add the cheese as well and finish the dough by mixing/kneading it to completion.

Divide the dough between your cupcake moulds.
Then they go off to the oven for 30 minutes.

Give them some time to cool before you get the topping ready.
With a piping bag put the curd chees frosting onto the cupcakes and finish it off with a black olive. The result is a cheesy savoury cupcake.

Do you see the row of cupcakes. Of course you do. One after the other are going to be eaten! Yum yum!

Going to be eaten? Ha! There are all gone. Yes, gone! Apart from one little tiny cheeky sneaky cupcake.

Don't cry for my little cupcake. I don't see any reason, why it should, even if it could. We can conclude that the little cupcake will definitely not cry for me. But who would?
No worries! We should have put it rather the other way round. Who will cry, when this last cupcake is gone?
You didn't have a chance to get it anyway. In fact you are left with doing your own. Did you have savoury cupcakes before?

'Have I said too much?
There's nothing more I can think of to say to you.
But all you have to do is look at me to know
That every word is true'


  1. Chris, you are quite mad! Your "cupcakes" look lovely and it's fun the way you have fooled us with the "icing" on top. Delicious as they sound and I do like a good savoury muffin, these are most definitely muffins, although not English muffins of course, which are something quite different again.

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Choclette. I think I couldn't endure things as they are right now without being mad.
      But you see, how difficult things are. Maybe it's neither a cupcake nor a muffin and definitely no English muffin. So we can agree that it is something ...

  2. Wonderful savory "cupcakes"! They look ever so scrumptious. Perfect for bringing to a party or potluck.



    1. Yes, indeed! You could even replace the black olive with ... let's say ... a ... green olive.

  3. They sure look delicious these muffins! (yes, yes, they are muffins, not cupcakes.. ;) As for that mysteriously fried bit you have... My guess is... spring onion?

    1. Good guess as to the mysteriously fried bit, but ... wrong. So it's no lizard and no spring onion.

  4. haaa, this is fun! I love this idea, have always wanted to do something like this.

    and it DOES look like a lizard, I must say...

  5. I totally thought that was a lizard :-)

  6. Let me say one word lizard - no. Oh, that were two words. When I showed it to a friend, he suggested lizard as well.
    Something else. Gecko is also wrong. So ... keep guessing!

  7. Funny post! I was thinking whitebait for the battered fried thing, pretty much close to an anchovy. Love the savoury cupcakes, for me a muffin is when you have the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients, including either oil or melted butter and then combine very lightly. Cupcakes and fairy cakes are about beating the air into the butter, sugar and eggs, then folding in the flour, not quite the same. But what the hey, just don't start Karen from Lavender and Lovage off on a cupcake rant ;-)

    1. That is a good comment, Janice. Now I'm getting some background. Yes, at first sight it may be a cupcake, but otherwise ...
      Oh, Karen, yes, I gather she is really an expert on cupcakes.

  8. Chris, that totally looks like a lizard... or a Gecko... or some kind of little critter - interesting.
    I love your "cupcakes" - the recipe sounds amazing!

  9. And now I have to take another guess. If it isn't anything with four legs and a tail - I'm going with cheese. lol

    1. Argh, it would have been lovely, if it would have been cheese, but sadly the batter is gone now and I didn't try.
      No, it's rather something pulled from the ground and the end result with the frying was not so delicious after all.

  10. These cupcakes look to die for..and they are so pretty! I love your Evita take on them! Thank you for the amazing compliment...it totally made my day xo

    1. That's what life is for ... make others happy!

  11. I guess, finally it's time to reveal the mysterious non-lizard fried object. It is: a small carrot from the garden.

  12. I have never tried savoury cupcakes, but why not? They look pretty. I can admire cupcakes, I think some of them are mini-masterpieces, but as an old-fahsioned gal, I would always prefer a slice of the cake, given a choice.

    1. Yet, there are so many things to try ... I guess we will never make it. I could bake a cake every week, but I don't know how my waistline would respond.


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