Saturday, 4 August 2012

Having a 'Zünftige Brotzeit'

Some time ago I wrote you a tiny little bit about my trip to Verona. On our way back, we made a stop down in Southern Germany, in Bavaria. Or should I better say up in Bavaria? Only a few sentences and I'm getting confused again. I hope you appreciate the battles I have to fight in my head sometimes, when I write you a few lines.
Anyway, we had a meal at an 'Almhütte' up in the mountains. It was the time for 'Brotzeit' that is kind of a snack you have between breakfast and lunch or lunch and supper. Well, since it was not the time for breakfast, lunch or supper, it was time for 'Brotzeit' or you could say for a 'zünftige Brotzeit' - a hearty one. That was all they had on the menu. Well, you could get coffee and cake or drinks, but mainly 'Brotzeit'. Usually this kind of meal is a cold one which can include among other things cheese, speck, pretzel, Presssack, Obazdn and a few other things.
Up there that day they had something that looked a bit like this.

It only looked somehow like this, because this is what I tried to recreate at home and so can you if you manage to get a hold on Bavarian 'Leberkäse'.
Although you might be able to see on the picture, what I did, I like to tell you briefly.
I fried the 'Leberkäse' slightly from both sides. In the meantime, I tried to do the egg, but it wasn't such a good one and therefore is not looking so gorgeous.
Fine, the fried egg goes on the fried 'Leberkäse' and is seasoned with a bit of pepper and gets some chives on it. On the side you serve a few slices of cucumber and bread.
I told you, you can see it on the picture.
Have it together with a beer, preferably a Bavarian wheat beer.
Having a 'Brotzeit' up in the mountains, you can of course also enjoy the nice view, kind of.

The theory is, that people needed a hearty 'Brotzeit' because of the hard work on the mountains. Well, we didn't have hard work to do, but nevertheless had a 'Brotzeit'.
However, at times it can be hard to understand people in Bavaria. So even if you know German, that doesn't mean you understand people.
Here some vocabulary you might never need:

damisch - stupid
dreggad - dirty
Dusl - luck
Fetznrausch - being totally drunk
graislig - ugly
Joà - year
Kāsfiàs - smelly feet
Quadratratschn - a woman that talks very much
Schädlwä - headache
Wadschn - a slap in the face
Zipfelklatscher - an unfriendly, stupid person, you don't like

Well, just a few words. As I said, you might never need them, but why not have a 'zünftige Brotzeit'. You may like it!


  1. awww... look how cute Lucy is... I love anything on that dark rye bread with cured fish... that food is heaven to me!

    1. Yes, that would be great as well.

  2. ooh love that german 'snack'. My late Father-in-law worked on the farm and was up early then came in for his '10 o'clock' which seems akin to this Brotzeit as it was between breakfast and lunch. I'll join Dom for anything with dark rye and cured fish -mmmmmmm

  3. What is the orange thing in the pic? It looks like something in an anatomy book I once saw.

    1. What orange thing? Oh, that! It's the secret ingredient ... has to do with chickens.


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