Friday, 3 August 2012

Getting Greedy - Bucatini all' Amatriciana

I wouldn't class being greedy as a desirable trait. This could only lead to disaster. At the moment I would rather like to get rid of things, but this is yet again another story.
Let me once again think for a moment (as if that would help) ...
... you might have heard, that time is limited and very often it is missing for all the things we like to do. I have for example quite some cookbooks I haven't used too often recently. One of them I got lately is the following: Two Greedy Italians eat Italy.

I saw some of the shows. So I guessed this must be a nice book. Besides that I enjoy the Italian cuisine. Already the other day I tried a recipe from this book: Zucchini e pomodori al forno and I enjoyed it. As I already said it was quick and simple.
This time I tried again something quick and simple: Bucatini all' Amatriciana - pasta with a chilli, bacon and tomato sauce.

It was just frying some bacon with a chopped chilli and onion. Then adding some tomatoes (I even had to pick some of my tiny tomatoes from the windowsill to throw them in, because I didn't have that many at hand.) and white wine and simmering it for a while. Meanwhile cooking the pasta. Putting things together and have it on a plate with some grated pecorino - time to enjoy some food.
Now it would be a bit early to say whether the book really was worth it's money (OK - I don't regret having bought it), because I just tried to recipes, but so far I like it.
As to this recipe, there was more additional information than actual explanation on how to prepare (that shows how simple it really was). I like to get some background information. That is good. With some recipes you also find information about the ingredients and that is nice as well.
Whatsoever, you will see me cooking more Italian around here in the future, I guess. Those two greedy Italians are going to help me, I guess ...


  1. I've ordered pasta amatriciana before at restaurants but I don't think I've actually made it before at home and it looks straightforward to make.
    Does it have any garlic or anchovy in the sauce?

    1. Neither garlic nor anchovy is in any way used, although I would have enjoyed some garlic in it.

  2. I loved the programmes, nice to know that the book is as good as the TV!

    1. I really need to get it out more often!

  3. I have to get hold of this book. Yummy pasta :)


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