Saturday, 28 July 2012

Shadows of the Past - Random Recipes #18

Time! What is it? It has no beginning and no ending. There was always a time before and there will always be a time after. It's like with numbers, you can always add a zero and you have a higher number. 
Time always goes on and in one direction. Things you have done in the past are there fixed, not to be changed, for all eternity. After all you are not having a flying DeLorean to take you back and fix things, nor can you use a wormhole to achieve the same thing. The past simply is gone and often this is good. Above that, for some it is even better, it doesn't crawl back on them.
Another thought about time, having to do with our perception. When you are young and your parents tell you, we go out to have some ice-cream in one hour, that can feel like ages. Later in life, you think you have ages to do certain things ... until reality hits you right in the face and tells you time is up.
In fact time is nearly up for July's blog challenge of Dom at Belleau Kitchen - Random Recipes #18 - Something a little different ...

Random Recipes #18 - July

So what is different? There is not going to be a random recipe this month. It is just books.
Well, I have a try. This is not going to be very organised. However, there is a main section of cookbooks, where more or less my latest books are ... hm ... they might have had some influence on my starting to blog. Did you know, that my blog is out here already for over one and a half year. I even missed my first blog anniversary. OK, I had my blog, but did have no post for the entire first year. Due to this, my real first anniversary is still in the future.

I would like it to look a bit different, or to have all my books in one place, but as for now, it didn't materialise and I have no hope that it ever will ... on it's own. That's were the trouble starts. If it would be a bit easier to get rid of things you actually don't need, there would be a lot more space. From time to time I have a try. Just today I went to the cellar to see whether I find anything I simply can get rid of without any problems. 
While doing that and digging through a box with old manuals, photos and notebooks, I stumbled upon an old notebook with most of the pages empty. A tiny fraction of that book, though, contained a few scribblings. It was a kind of a diary I must have tried to write for a few month about ten years ago. There were quite some negative thoughts and also some resolutions to change things and get more positive.
Well, I thought, little has changed, but it really should! I still hope I can manage. Should I really be able to do it, then for sure also, the cookbooks will be in order and together at one place.

It will not be like this. There a few more cookbooks. In reality, I'm not even able to properly read those on the picture. I brought them back from holiday. I thought it would be nicer to get a cookbook then something you absolutely totally will not need and will lie around and collect dust. With the books I have at least tried to use them.

Still there are more spots, where to find some cookbooks. Those are in the kitchen. Seems to make sense. Below that is the stove. Among the books there is also my oldest cookbook, the one about Mexican food. That was the one that started me going on the cooking road.

Still in the kitchen there are a few more cookbooks and when I think again about it, the kitchen might not be the best place to have the cookbooks. After all when you need one, you can get it and place it on the table for reference anyway. You don't need all at your quick disposal like you need pans or knives or bowls.
Right this moment, I don't favour any of my cookbooks over another, although I like cookbooks that really work and well, pictures are always helpful for the imagination. Yes, I like also to read a bit of a story along with the recipe. That means I should do a bit more reading again ...
... but not until I am finished here. I only hope I don't have inherited any depressive tendencies from my parents. Whatsoever, I guess, it is up to each individual, what he does with the available time ... and life ... and opportunities ... you never know!
What would life be without cooking, food, blogging and ...

I don't want to know!


  1. such little time in our lives to do everything we want to do eh? great collection of books and wonderful to see a little insight into your home... thanks for finding the time to take part this month x

    1. Yes, too little time! Better not waste it ...

  2. Nice collection, I think it's important to have your books where ever you need them.

    1. That is ... at home! If I can individual books it's OK.

  3. What a lovely post Chris, and great to see your cookbook collection!

    1. Thank you! I just noticed, there are still other places were books or magazines are hiding ...

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you ... I love the dooooogggg, too!!

  5. Chris you're obviously a big fan of Jamie! Time just has such a horrid habit of escaping if find.

    1. Well, I used to get cookbooks from the library, about different countries. Then there was nothing more of interest and a friend recommended to have a look at Jamie's books and so I did. I liked them as they were well written and the recipes worked great. That was how it got me going ...


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