Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fish Burger with Ultimate Tzatziki

I have to tell you right away. I wanted to make tzatziki again.
In fact you can have it many different ways. Or let me try a different approach. You can have it for your barbecue (if it happens to be summer or barbecue season – in fact, no one can forbid you to have a barbie in winter as well). The dipping thing would be something else. Have some carrots, peppers in stripes, or other veggies you like to eat raw and dip them in.
Or, eh, well, have some nice bread and just dig your way through the bowl with it. I tried it once – many years ago – at a party. You maybe can imagine what that does to your reputation. Luckily, sufficient time has passed!
Yet another way, as I did this time, is this … fish burger. 

However, before we come to that, a few more words to this very tzatziki. Why “Ultimate Tzatziki”? Is that not a bit haughty or pretentious? Yes, you are so very right. Who am I to say something like that. Have I ever tried all the tzatziki there is in the world (luckily I didn’t – don’t want to imagine what I would look like – Jabba the Cook or something like that)? Nevertheless, I think, maybe – maybe I’m right, maybe not – it makes the title of this blog post more appealing. How would you like “Fish burger with Common Tzatziki”? Not good, I suppose. Here some other suggestions:
“Ole fishy burger with gooey tzatziki”
“Stinky fish’n’tzatziki burger”
“Tasty fishy tzatziki flatbread”
“Greek tzatziki fish burger”
What is your favourite? Maybe there are yet other names. Maybe, for sure there are, but, no worries!
Now, let us go and secure this marriage between (roasted, grilled, smoked, fried) fish and Greek yogurt dip.

Ingredients for the Ultimate Tzaziki:
150 g yogurt (Greek, if you like)
250 g curd cheese
150 g cream cheese
Half a cucumber cut into more or less small cubes (or similar)
Three cloves of garlic (hm … why not try three bulbs?)
Salt, pepper, dill, mint for balancing

Get all the good stuff together in a bowl and mix it! What more can I say? Nothing

Ready for some experimenting, now that you know how to make the ultimate tzatziki (who knows – you might love it)?
I got myself those healthy looking buns (just not to ruin the for sure healthy fishy part) and some lovely green salad leaves.
The simple version is: one side of the bun, salad leaf, fish, tzatziki, other side of bun.

After a little bit of digging I found some bacon in my fridge (no, it’s not a walk in fridge like the thing some have for their shoes). I quickly made it crispy in a pan (whilst eating the first version of the burger: bite – check –bite – check – bite – check – bite – ouch, the burger was already gone).
Here then the other version (you can also omit the one or the other ingredient): one side of the bun, a bit of tomato sauce, slice of cheese, bacon, salad leaf, fish, tzatziki, other side of the bun.

Fine, depending on what you have in your fridge, you can go on experimenting. I trust you not doing anything disgusting.
I stop here and just finish the rest of the tzatziki with a spoon … oh not again … noooooooooooooooooo!!!
Just kidding, I didn’t eat all that tzatziki up in one go. Who knows, maybe you are going to see some of it again …


  1. Hi! Just discovered your blog, I love the concept, I think you can absoltuely travel with your tastebuds!!! This fish tzatziki sandwich wound great, will have to try it. French expat living in the US, recently started a food blog myself...

    1. Thank you! I always liked to try food from other places.


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