Friday, 6 April 2012

Simply Fried Feta

It's always nice to have a starter at a meal to stimulate your appetite. What about some fried feta cheese with a little tomato salad on the side? I had something similar before - fried ricotta. In fact only the tomato salad on the side was similar. The idea to fry the feta in this way came from making some risotto cakes some days ago.

Ingredients for 2 servings:
A handful of mixed cherry tomatoes (make it colourful)
A few leaves of basil (small is better)
200 g firm feta cheese
One red onion (sliced into rings)
One egg (beaten)
A bit flour
Olive oil
Sherry vinegar

Cut the tomatoes in half, or in quarters if bigger. Put the basil leaves on top. 
The feta goes into two pieces and is powdered with flour, then dipped in the beaten egg and then "rolled" in the breadcrumbs. By now you should have a frying pan going with some olive oil to fry the feta golden from both sides.
Use the time to season the tomatoes on the plate with salt and pepper and the vinegar. When the feta is done plate it up and put some onion rings on it. Finish it all off with some olive oil.

Now you only have to think about something to eat afterwards to satisfy your hunger. It all depends on your appetite then, how much it takes. Some are satisfied easily - others not!

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