Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bloggers Around the World Round-Up: Italy

We should really start with a drink this time, an aperitivi. Maybe you like to have an Aperol Sprizz with the fruity bitter Aperol, some sparkling wine and a slice of orange on the glass.
Anyway, that's how you could do it for an Italian dinner. Whatever the case we are having an Italian meal now with our Bloggers Around the World. Thank you everyone for participating. That's what makes the fun.

Naturally then we proceed with antipasti. We could have salumi misti with parma ham, mortadella, bresaola or thinks like that. Crostini would be something else or brushetta. Well, no one  exactly entered some of those. Well, not exactly. Diane has it all, so to say a round-up of good Italian food. Then head over to Simple Living and Eating and learn something about Italian cuisine. There is something with brushetta, too ... and many more lovely food.

Brushetta : Tomato Salad

If you are done with antipasti ... hopefully you hadn't too much ... we can continue with primi. That could be a soup or risotto or pasta. That seems to be the favourite section of everyone.
What about fresh pasta then. Have you ever tried to do your own? Let us have a closer look then at what Caroline makes in this regard: Fresh Homemade Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce

Now it's your turn, to do your homemade pasta. However, save some space for more pasta.
This time we get a bit fiery with Jacqueline from How to be a Gourmand with Fiery Spaghetti Putanesca. So, if you are the fiery kind, you know what to do.

Pasta Puttanesca

There is yet more pasta to come, something with mushrooms, rocket and mozzarella. You have read it here before some time ago.

That was my enthusiastic start of the June challenge. I didn't manage much more afterwards.
It's time to advance in the meal ... secondi. In fact that is the main dish. It could be fish or meat or who knows.
Elizabeth from The Law Student's Cookbook has some chicken on offer for all of us. No, I don't mean it that way. Just listen to the name of the dish: Cheesy Chicken Parmesan. She already had me at this point. Look closer to find out for yourself ... about the dish I mean.


Together with the main dish you can have contorni. However, if you are not the meat lover or better to say are vegetarian have the contorni as main dish.
Solange from Pebble Soup has a wonderful Mellanzane alla Parmigiana for that. So, if you are an aubergine lover, that's the thing for you, don't you agree?

We are nearly through with our Italian dinner. It's time for dolci. Sadly, nobody entered any. So we are having some fresh fruits instead.
This is followed by a digestivi. I'll have a grappa then.
Before we finish it all off completely, I wish to say thank you again for all your lovely entries. I hope, you continue to join us on one of our future trips. 
Have a caffe first. An espresso will do.

Did you enjoy our Italian dinner?
What is next? Where shall we go. Already the last few days I have thought about this and I came up with an idea. We are not going there.
In a fit of spontaneity, on last minute I decided to postpone that idea and go into the opposite direction instead. We never quite made it to Africa up to now. Therefore we really should do it. I already thought about letting someone guest host it, but then again, I didn't even ask that expert. So, if you have the feeling, you are an expert in a certain kind of cuisine, give me a shout and we can talk about it.

However, let us travel onward, further South then, to ...

Maybe we get to see some lovel tangine dishes or I get the chance to use my Ras el Hanout. This time we are also trying something new. I have a linky tool down here, where you can enter. In the unlikely case you shouldn't manage, let me know. And ... if you don't have a blog of your own - post a fitting photo on my Facebook page
Besides that, keep the following things in mind.
  1. Link to my blog and this challenge in your post.  
  2. Use the "Bloggers Around the World" badge (the one you find at the beginning and end of this post ... you know!).  
  3. You can use a new or an old post, but it has to be adjusted accordingly (you know, all the linking). 
  4. You can have up to three entries, but ... if you just post on my Facebook page, you can have as many as you want.
  5. Enjoy cooking, eating and posting. I already say: shukran.
You should have a little less than a month to accomplish that. I know, that will not be smooth sailing, but ... hey ... what is?

What are you waiting for? Fine, of course, you can leave a comment here, sorry! 


  1. As usual a wonderful collection of recipes. Thank you so much Christian for bringing such a wonderful meal together.
    I'm confused about the linky do you want us to put a Moroccan post on it or is it for an Italian post for this time?
    Next month do you want the post in advance or do we just put it on the linky?

    1. You can put the link for Morocco to this linky here in this very post until the displayed time expires.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Many thanks for featuring my post and hosting this great challenge :-)

    1. You are very welcome. I'm really glad you could join.

  3. Oh how lovely, so many delcious recipes. I feel a Tagine coming on!

    1. I would say so. I hope, I can manage one myself and that this will get me to doing things again.


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