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Most probably you already have read it, but I got a special new Indian cookbook: Tasting India by Christine Manfield. 

As I want to work, cook and blog my way through it, I would to distinguish it from the rest of my blog and make a special room for it, where you can find the links to all the episodes of this project.


Episode 1 - Welcome Home
Episode 2 - Mind the Ghee
Episode 3 - Use your Imagination
Episode 4 - Up and running
Episode 5 - Caramelised Bananas with Incredible Caramel Sauce
Episode 6 - Dal, Naan and beyond  
Episode 7 - From Chicken Cutlets to Pancake
Episode 8 - It's all about Bread  
Episode 9 - When Chorizo meets India

I hope, you enjoy it ...

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