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I am ... (?) years old. Oh, I have lost track of that. Pah, it doesn't matter if you are 5, 50 or 500. As long as you can get into the kitchen and cook. I reckon it would take even longer than 500 years to try everything food.
I like food and cooking and, more recently also, writing about it. After a stressful day, cooking can calm me down ... at least a bit. Well, however, when I'm too hectic, things could get dangerous as well (OK, all fingers are still there ... I believe).
When cooking, I don't like to stay with things I know. It all started, when I was younger, by buying a book about Mexican food. Thai, Turkish, Caribbean and Indian followed and it always continued to add further countries.
More recently (fine, quite a while now) my passion (shall I call it that way ... hm ... why not!) for cooking has intensified after using a cookbook that worked very good and gave totally delicious results. Maybe you can find out which one it might have been by looking at the list of my cookbooks.
Now cooking also means trying new things also from what is local, that means new ingredients and ways.
If there would be more time, it would be great to experiment with several new recipes every day. However, when it comes to that, as I already said, there is never enough time.
Well then most of what I know about cooking I got from cookbooks and of course other blogs and lately also from cooking shows on television.
I could say, though, if I had even more time, reading is also one of my hobbies.
All what you read here on my blog comes from my own mind, unless I mention otherwise. Sometimes I don't even know myself, what way my mind goes (no worries)!
What will the future bring? Food, food, food, and who knows what else!
With persistence and trying again every day to get the best out of it, life goes on in a delicious kind of way ...

Last but not least ... one day I am going to find away to make others happy with some real food ... more than just once in a while ...

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