Friday, 4 July 2014

Chanterelle, Medallions of Pork and Fried Potatoes

What do you do, when you have cooked to many potatoes and as a consequence have leftovers? For my father this was never a question. The only possible answer was fried potatoes. Therefore this was one of the regulars.
Anyway, I don't know, whether I should still be doing this, but after all, this is the game, Bloggers Around the World. So I keep on going ... or keep on cooking adding more work for myself later on for doing the mammoth round-up. I got some chanterelle mushrooms and some medallions of pork, so I had to go for this one.

There is really no big deal to it, but quite some butter. The Medallions of pork go to the pan in some butter and are seasoned with salt and pepper.
The chanter ell mushrooms go to the pan in some butter and are seasoned with salt and pepper. Fine I added a chopped up onion as well.
You know, the potatoes are cooked and then ... yes, guess ... fried in some butter and seasoned with salt, if you still wish.
Now, this all is somehow not with much variation of colour, but for that you can add a salad on the side. If you do it all right, you can enjoy a lovely meal, that is, if you like those ingredients.

Well, those goes for Germany today, although I would have preferred some baguette, cheese and red wine.


  1. Yum, I could eat that right now ! :)

  2. My all times favourite food, fried potatoes with chanterelle mushrooms. Delicious! Maybe I should do it today for dinner, I have a punnet of chanterelles from Tesco


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