Thursday, 29 August 2013

Give me an N - No Fuss Capsicum and Pork

I was thinking ... no, I'm just kidding, I wasn't, but ... I had a look at my recipe page on my blog and I noticed, I didn't have any recipes starting with E, I, J, N, V, X and Y. I reckon, I have to work on it. Most probably it would be easy to work of everything with cakes and puddings: Eton Mess, Irish Coffee Cake, Jaffa Cake Tart, Nutty Surprise, Vacherin Something, X-Men Cake, Yogurt and Berry Dream ... things like that. Really, I don't  know, why I don't have anything with E as eggs something would be quite easy as well. Strange ... I am ...
So, give me an N and ... have some No Fuss Capsicum and Pork.

Anyway ... I still had planned to post this recipe and I had no better idea. No worries, we just go for it then ...

What we might need:
200 g pork cut in stripes or ... whatever (no fuss)
1 red capsicum cut into no fuss pieces
1 small onion, finely chopped, but make no fuss
2 cloves of garlic ... hm ... grated?
1 tbs chilli flakes
1 tbs dried oregano
3 tbs olive oil

How we do it - no fuss:
You might be disappointed now, but don't say, I didn't warn you. There is no fuss with this.
Simply mix all the ingredients in a sufficiently dimensioned bowl and leave to marinate for an hour or so.
Then toss everything in a heated up pan and cook until the meat is ... eh ... well done.
No-one is going to stop you, if you cut in a few tomatoes during that process.
Serve the meal with rice and garnish with some chopped parsley, if that isn't any fuss for you.

Well ... eh ... that's it. Any other ideas?


  1. I need more no fuss food. Blogging can make one crave so much for perfection that I forget that I should just have fun and cut somehow. yeah!
    ok gotta check now if I have a dish staring with E on my page. :D

    1. Right, fun is more important than perfection, although as always the key is balance. But sometimes you just need no fuss food.

  2. Definitely a no fuss recipe. Perfect for a mid-week meal.


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