Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Cherry Bombs

Things don't seem to run quite smoothly lately. Ah, what am I talking about? Quite some long time and things are really out of hand, but I try my best to make this blog still working.
Ah, I really should stop pestering people with that rubbish, so ...

Warning! This recipe is not suitable for everyone as things are going to be a little bit lethal. Maybe that's why I have picked the name. What do I know.
I would be very lovely to get a lot more things from  the garden ... at least from some friends' gardens. He he he! Well, I did work for things, too. I got the chance to pick some sour cherries for my own needs, although I didn't know I had any need. Anyways, it would have been a shame to give it all to the birds. So I picked a small bucket full. 
Some went to be used as a dessert simply together with some curd cheese. A bag full went to the freezer and the remaining ones went into a jar ...

I added two tablespoons of brown sugar and ... well ... enough brown rum to have them swimming.


A few weeks later.
Now it's time for another Sweet Adventures Blog Hop (SABH). The theme this month is: Cookie Monster. Does that mean a monster is making some cookies? We will see.
Whatsoever, it has to do with cookies and the likes. Sophie from the blog 'The Sticky and Sweet' is hosting this time. More details you find therefore on her blog.

Sweet Adventures Blog Hop - August 2013

Now, what is the local monster doing for you today?
I remembered some kinds of cookies from my childhood my mom used to make. They were called Raisin Mountains. They were not my favourite ones. However, they might assist me while I change ... eh ... quite a few things by swapping the raisins with the rum cherries and adding some chocolate and ... well, I don't know the original recipe anyway. Just an idea from memories somehow. Argh, it will turn out completely different then planned anyway.
Well, let us do it then ... chaos awaits ... and cherry bombs (at least that is what I planned to call them).

The aforementioned jam jar full of rum cherries
50 g dark chocolate
250 g soft butter
250 g icing sugar
500 g flour
Pinch of salt

Method (if you like to call it that way):
Get out the cherries and set the 'juice' aside. Chop up the cherries a bit ... make a mess ... as there is of course more juice in the cherries. He he he!
Good! Put the chopped cherry mess into a large bowl.
Then chop up the chocolate, if you have to. You might be using loose bits of chocolate already. Off to the bowl.
Next add the butter, sugar and flour and start bringing the ingredients together. Right, a pinch of salt won't hurt. As you see fit, you can still add some of the rummy juice.
After that have fun! You can make the most of it, if you use your nice hands. Messy!
I already feel like a cookie dough monster.
Once after you have brought everything together, you could decide to wrap the dough in cling film and put it to the fridge for some time ... half an hour, an hour, longer. However, should you haven't got any patience at all, directly proceed with the next step.

Arrange the dough in balls on baking sheets covered with baking parchment. Here they look a tiny bit like bombs, don't they? Not for long, though. Bake them at 220 °C for about 20 minutes or rather a few minutes less. It depends on your oven. Mine needed the 20 minutes.
Remove the trays from the oven again and set the cookies aside to cool down.
However, if you already skipped the fridge part, then ...

I hope you enjoyed those cherry bombs and, of course, the many other lovely creations ...


  1. Nothing wrong with cherries, chocolate and a good dose of rum! Thanks for joining!

  2. These look delicious Chris!!

  3. I love your recipe method and description. Cherries with curd cheese saound delicious as do your bombs

    1. Thank you! Fruits with curd cheese is a basic and simple dessert I always like to go for. Next to no work and yet very delicious.

  4. Great flavours, especially the rum! These wouldn't last long in my house!

    1. They didn't last long either ... to the dismay of my ... eh ... thingy ... eh ... with the trousers.

  5. Sorry to hear things aren't picking up for you Chris - will cross fingers they get better soon. Being able to pick a bucket load of cherries sounds like a very good thing though - would love to have that chance. Your rum cherries sound heavenly and the cookies look delicious.

    1. Thanks a lot, Choclette. Sometimes I think I should leave and start things fresh, but then ... thinking alone is never enough.

  6. Your recipe post had me singing "Ch-Ch-Cherry Bombs". Anything that involves fruit drowning in alcohol is alright by me. Thanks for joining in the hop xo

    1. Well ... eh ... thanks for hosting. Yes, drowning fruit in alcohol is far better than drowning oneself in alcohol.

  7. Rum soaked cherries sound fabulous and putting them into a cookie sounds even better! YUM! Thanks so much for sharing at #CakeFriday!

  8. I love the flavour combinations. Boozy cherries in a cookie..yumm!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was really lovely. Oh, all gone already. Far to quick they went.


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