Sunday, 25 August 2013

All the Sweet Things

Of what use is it to have a food blog? ... eh ... I mean, of what a use is it to have a food blog, cooking and writing lovely recipes and no-one is going to try them (at least not that you know of)?
Are the things just nice to look at or are they really delicious and easy to reproduce or at least made to satisfaction?
It's time to find out ...

Well, of course not all of it. What kind of recipes do attract you most? To my shame (or not) I have to admit it's usually the sweet things, which doesn't mean I just try those recipes from other blogs. However, today we like to focus a bit on the sweet part.
First of all there is the blog Wuthering Bites. It's about gluten free recipes (at least that is what it says right at the beginning). I don't want to live without gluten and gladly, up to know, I don't have to. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean I can try a gluten free recipe, especially when it is so tempting. I'm talikng about 'Stem Ginger and Dark Chocolate Flapjacks'. I had stem ginger and dark chcolate at home and ... I had to try.

Yes, they turned out very lovely. I even had a chat on the blog while trying the recipe. Well, I have nothing to complain about the recipe (not that I intend to do any complaining here). They just turned out the way I expected and ... so I was satisfied.
In another case, while there was still time for rhubarb in the garden, I was wondering what to do with it. I got a quite lovely suggestion from Jacqueline via Twitter. She has a recipe for 'Apple and Rhubarb Nut Crumble'. Hey, I love crumble. So ... go for it!
That's really a good things and that's how it's supposed to work. You wonder what you should cook, bake, or whatever and here you get some lovely suggestion and lovely recipes. Really?

Of course I did. You always can find something lovely on 'How to be a Gourmand'. I liked the crumble very much and when rhubarb season is coming again, you know what you can have.
What now about some 'Peanut butter & Soy salted caramel millionaire's shortbread'. Just the sound of it makes me want some. Of course the original picture of it helped, too. Fine, caramel was in it. That's doing quite some work as well.
I only had to get some peanut butter to have a try. Did Lucy's promise disappoint me? The promise you find on her blog 'supergolden bakes'. Before we are going to answer that, let's summarise the main points: 1. Tempting recipe name, 2. caramel, 3. brilliant look, 4. obviously I like the name of the author.

For sure you remember that Lucy, too. Let's get baking then ...
Great! They tasted wonderful. There was only one tiny obstacle. No, not that I had to shop for peanut butter.

I got a small problem with the final touch and so it didn't look as brilliant as it was supposed to be ... too much peanut butter in the end. But hey, no worries, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the recipe. It was simply great!
The other day on Facebook: Alida from 'My Little Italian Kitchen' was posting her 'Fruit Kebabs with chocolate sauce and chopped nuts'. A really lovely idea for a quick dessert.

If only I had focused a bit more. Well, I just made a reduced version, which was good nevertheless. Of course, the original one is better.
You see, there are a lot of sweet things out there to be discovered and to try. Right, there are also savoury things. I let you know how things work out, when I get chance.
What about you? Have you bookmarked some lovely recipes from other blogs and ... tried them as well? Let us know, if you found some really good ones ...


  1. Great post Chris. it's good to see recipes posted on blogs and even better to see other people trying them and getting a second opinion as well as a much needed reminder. I have so many bookmarked recipes I think I need at least another ten lives to make them all in.

    1. I can totally see that. If I focus more on sweet things, I guess I have to plan for a fitness program as well.

  2. I agree with you and Choclette. Lovely to see recipes tried out. It always scares me when people tell me they're going to try to make something of mine!! Would make a great theme for a challenge!!

    1. Why are you scared? Hm, you could do a random reciped with selecting a random blog to try a random recipe from it.

  3. I have a sweet tooth, too, so your reviews of the Sweet Things were much enjoyed! I am new to your blog, so this is the first time I have had the pleasure of meeting precious Lucy. My Lucy is a Schnauzer. :)

    Love, Joy

    1. Welcome Joy! I'm glad you liked the post. Dogs are always nice and they bring much happiness to your life. I appreciated the years with Lucy very much.


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