Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bloggers Around the World June Round-up: Morocco

Allow me to start with the most important part - thanking everyone, who made our trip to Morocco possible this month. It's always a joy to travel alongside nice people. Thank you for contributing.
I don't know about you, but travel wise, I didn't go that far this year. I was going to say, the farthest I got this month was to work, but then I remembered, I went a bit further one day. You probably don't want to see it, but I am going to show you anyway.

Originally I wanted to climb up those rocks. There are stairs there to do so, but as it was winterly and icy, it was too dangerous to do so and so the stairs were closed. It was also the most untypical day to visit this place anyway. There is a huge parking space near there, which as I assume is packed at other times of the year, but on that day, there were only a few cars. 
As I said, originally I wanted to climb those rocks. Then also I would want to travel more, maybe to Morocco as we are doing food wise in a minute. Where would you want to go when visiting Morocco. To the capital, to Rabat? To the Atlas mountains, where it can get to -10 °C or even -20 °C? What about the seaside city of Casablanca? Do you prefer the Atlantic or the Mediterranean coastline?
Maybe you would like to see Marrakesh and visit the market in the main square, Djemaa el Fna. In one magazine I read something about a blue village in Morocco, called Chefchaouen, where all the houses are painted ... eh, well ... blue.
Indeed, there would be a lot to see in al-Mamlakat al-Maghribiyyah, "The Western Kingdom", as you would call Morocco in Arabic.

For now, though, let us concentrate on what we have to eat for this month. Someone suspected to get some tagine. I was hoping to make use of Ras el Hanout. Did things come true?
This month I want to go through the entries in a chronological order.
Due to this, I have to start with my own post: Probably there would have been better flatbread available, but ... anyway ... Moroccon Chicken Kebabs ... here they come ...

No Ras el Hanout in the dish, but keep hanging on ...

... as we move on to Caroline Makes ...
It's still about chicken. However, here we get the wished for tagine. Sadly I don't have a tagine pot, but at least I had the chance to buy one once at a street market in Paris.
Whatsoever, enjoy Caroline's lovely Slimming World-style Chicken Tagine. Have a look and find out how to do it even without having a tagine clay pot.

In Morocco you can even do it without your own oven, but with a tagine clay pot. They have communal ovens. There you can drop your tagine pot, prepared with the raw ingredients, on your way to work. While you work it's slow cooked. After work you pick up your ready cooked dish. How lovely is that?
Still, Caroline has more chicken for us. I must tell you right away, already the title sounds quite intriguing to me: Moroccan Chicken Cinnamon Rolls. Don't you agree? Go ahead, you will love it ...

Back to my very own kitchen once more and have some Ratatouille-Style Briouats. Here finally we get the Ras el Hanout as well. Above that as a bonus, we get a lovely, slightly burning harissa-yoghurt dip. I also can assure you, there is no chicken in this dish, it's a pure vegetarian delight. I luv it!

On the other hand, you could also have some fish, which brings us yet to another lovely blog: Simple Living and Eating. Diane has some lovely food for us. I warn you, you might drool over a few things, if you have a look. Among the things you see, you for sure will enjoy the Moroccan Fish Stew.

moroccan fish stew

Have I promised too much? There is nothing left to say or show here. I hoped you enjoyed our small trip to Morocco. Maybe you even find the chance one day to go there and see and feel things in real.
Let me say shukran once more. Now that we had been here, what are we going to do. On what shores will we put down our cooking equipment, turn on the fire and start cooking?
The future will tell ...
Hang on and keep an eye on that blog for the revealing of the destination of the July 2013 Bloggers Around the World ... See you!


  1. The rocks are as exotic as the dishes. They remind me of the art work on the old allbums for the group Yes, if you are old enough to remember them. Thanks for another fun trip.

    1. Well, it just came to my mind to use this picture, although it has absolutely nothing to do with Morocco. Also the similarity with Yes is complete coincidence. I don't remember a song from Yes right now. Glad you liked our trip and joined again.

  2. Oh so jealous - have always wanted to visit Morocco!! Those rocks are amazing and the food looks delicious!

    1. Well, then ... that's the least we could do, spread some love through food and cooking. Above that, there are many more amazings things to see and to eat out there.


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