Friday, 8 February 2013

Bookmarked Recipe: Onion Soup on a Sandwich

Do you like simple recipes? Those that bring you great taste and joy without much effort? Another point to consider maybe, having usually all the needed ingredients at hand all the time.
That was something I discovered while reading around on other food blogs. I came across the post of Sprung at Last with the name 'French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese'. That title already intrigued me, because I very much like French onion soup and, of course, cheese. Sounds perfect!
So I had to have a go. You can read about the recipe in the original post, although you may already be able to discern it by simply looking at the following picture.

I said it was simple. That's life! The things in this life bringing you the most joy are usually small things: beautiful flowers, a stunning sunset, listening to the sound of the sea at the sea, a smile, watching playful puppies or kittens, someone saying 'thank you', commendation from persons really meaning it, sunshine on your skin and the list could go on and on and on. 
On top of it, those things don't cost much. You need no money for them (only for the simple meal, though, you need a bit money to get the ingredients). 
Therefore, think again about it! You have the power to make someone happy with just a little effort.
As for the bread for this Onion Soup Sandwich, I baked it myself already some days before that. It's not to hard either to do your own bread. It's mainly flour, water, yeast and salt. You don't even need to add any artificial substances to it. Just saying!
Well, I want to contribute this post to a lovely monthly challenge that Jacqueline is doing at Tinned Tomatoes: Bookmarked Recipes.

Maybe you like to enjoy a simple meal with French onion soup and cheese on a sandwich or ... just go out there and make someone happy ...

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