Friday, 6 April 2012

Cardamom Twists by Scandilicious

While browsing the Internet the other week I saw a lot of interesting blogs, recipes, and pictures of food.
One of the things I found was the page by Signe Johansen - Scandilicious. There was the recipe for Cardamom Twists. It looked and sounded nice, so I wanted to have a go. All ingredients were on stock at home. Therefore no problem. Well, in order to do it right, you need some time. The point of leaving the dough overnight in the fridge for rising was a bit hard for me, but I survived.
For preparing the dough, though, to start with, you need to scald (not scold - although this thought would be funny) the milk. I've never heard of this before (no big deal - there are a lot of things I haven't heard of before). However, it means you have to heat the milk just before boiling and then let it cool down a bit again before you add it to the dough.
Shortly before midnight, then, the dough was done and went to the fridge to work the whole night, while I went to bed to sleep the whole night (well, it did work out).
This morning then, the show could go on. A little bit waiting in between is on the program, though. 
cardamom-sugar-butter mix on the dough
To me, the dough looked nice when it came out of the fridge. I'm not sure, though, when you look at this picture whether this is really rectangular. Could have put in a bit more effort.
more or less twisted
It's going to be a bit crowded on the baking tray, but I think it can take it.
covered and waiting
It's time to wait a bit again. The twists are covered with lightly oiled cling film. Here we are - this would have also solved the problem I had last  time while baking the garlic bread - just a bit oil on the cling film and you have no sticking. Could have come to this myself. There is always something new to learn (apart from scalding the milk).
out from the oven
The time for baking did vary a bit from what was stated in the recipe. It all depends on the oven you have. I have experienced that my oven usually needs more time then stated in a recipe. Maybe I need a new one, it doesn't seem to make the temperatures it promises.
time to cool down a bit
It's done! Do you see on the last picture what is wrong? Well ...
... I tell you. Three are already gone - simply couldn't wait to taste.
What is the final verdict: It is really a nice recipe - easy to follow with good results. That's what I like. The cardamom taste could have been a bit stronger, though. Well, now all my cardamom is gone. Maybe I put slightly to less in, but this was all I had.
Do I have to call this blog now: Baking around the World? When you think about it, it's all the same anyway.


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