Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bloggers Around the World April Round-Up: Turkey

Are you ready for another round-up of Bloggers Around the World? What? You are not? But you have to, because it's already May and I should be announcing the theme for May already. No worries, I will do that on one of the following days and ... I'll make it a special one again. So, keep on the lookout.
However, now to the round-up of April ...

... and to Turkey ...

In fact, things are quite simple. First we have a look to what Deon from FoodJam has done. It's exactly my type of food, when I am not too lazy. We get Gozleme, some filled pastries finished off in the griddle pan. Just imagine, there is feta, spinach and minced lamb inside.


If you think, that isn't filling enough for you ... hm ... whatever that was supposed to mean ... eh ... you can have an Adana Soup, which I created here on my blog  ...

Well, there are chickpeas, tomatoes and meatballs, but the twist is to serve the soup with a splash of white wine vinegar.

As I promised, things are quite simple here, so I will stop at this very point only to talk to you another day for more Bloggers Around the World ...


  1. I'm feeling bad for not taking part, but April was a hectic month for me, with a week away and then a week of builders' in the house. Hope to join in this month

    1. Ah, no worries, it was a really short month indeed, but I have a feeling you will like May's theme very much.


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