Thursday, 10 January 2013

Clearance sale ... orange rice pudding

Here comes another one. Yes, this title again is totally misleading. I'm not going to sell anything, but ...
As I hinted to in my last post there are a few things I want to get rid of. Things are really weird in society. You always feel you have to buy buy buy ... I'm going to refuse. 6 days ago was the last time I bought something. Now I'm going on to do this or rather not to do this and keep living from the things I still have at home.
I found an awful lot of things in my pantry that need using up, so I'm going to improvise some thing over the coming days or, who knows, even longer.
We have so much, when it is so little we need - applies to other things as well.
At the same time I feel I have a lot to write about. I already have three other posts waiting to be written. For today a quick one: orange rice pudding.

The list of ingredients is ... manageable ...

2 cups of rice (those kind you would use for risotto as well)
8 cups of orange juice
Poppy seeds
Sliced almonds

... and so are the steps of what you have to do ...

Well, simmer the rice on low heat with the orange juice for about 30 minutes.
In between roast the almonds a bit.
Serve the cooked orange rice pudding with some poppy seeds and the roasted sliced almonds. 
I didn't feel you need any extra sugar. That way you have the natural taste.

This recipe goes well also for Javelin Warrior's Made with Love Mondays.


There are really a lot of things in my pantry that need using up. So, what are you going to expect? Something with pasta, cake and ... whatever else I come up with ...


  1. Love the idea of working with the items in your pantry to clear them out instead of buying more and more and more :) Right now, I'm doing this with food in my freezer - so much left-over food and no place to put new leftovers, so it's time to work through them! This orange rice pudding is very intriguing and I love that you didn't add any additional sugar. Thanks so much for sharing, Chris!

    1. I'm not even going to buy bread. Right now I'm baking my own.


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