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Well, my garden is history since I moved to the new place. There is no garden here for me, only what I can have inside on the windowsills and the like.
After all, I still have my lemon plant. No lemons, though ...

What a surprise, it's warm weather for a change. That was about time. Anyway, there should be some work going on the garden soon. However, somehow I had the feeling, I would need a lot of spinach this year, so I decided to make a small patch of the garden ready and sow some spinach. We will see about that, how far this goes.
Furthermore, I have some tomato plants ready. They just arrived on the windowsill and despite the not so good results of the last year, I will try it again.
Above that, I just discovered that the rhubarb I thought it was dead, isn't. Nice!

I have to admit there is a certain kind of negligence on my part.  Of course outside there is nothing going on. Everything is kind of covered under a layer of snow, although that might change in the next few days. However, it still will be winter for a while. Anyway, maybe I can think about something.
How is your garden doing?
Right, the avocado thing is still going on inside. I should have posted something about it in between already. Now here is it as things look as up to today ...

I would say, it is time for a little update. Outside everything is kind of ready for the winter and I don't have anything going.
Now there is some progress with the avocado to be seen. Finally it seems, patience is paying of.

We are still having a long way to go, but we go on. There are a few more days or better to say, there needs to be a bit more of growing before we go and transfer things over to a proper pot.

Maybe you remember my little avocado experiment I wrote about at the end of July. Finally there is something to see. It really took quite some time as you can compute for yourselves.

Well, some things really need a lot of patience. By the way, it's also a good quality to have in daily life, as you will really need it.
Anyway, I will keep you updated, if more spectacular things happen in the avocado department.

Really, the weather wasn't on my side this year. Therefore a lot of things didn't really work. Or was it partly also due to my negligence at some point. Whatever, the thyme is still working hard to take over the small part of land that I call my garden patch. So, if you have any suggestions/recipes for thyme, let me know.
While looking at the thyme, I thought it would be time, to save the carrots from the thyme.

Don't they look lovely? You'll never get such in your average supermarket. Hm, what to do with them now? Any ideas?

The windowsill season seems to draw to a close. However, the chillis are still doing a very good job. Still, I fear, it will look very empty around my windows soon.

SUNDAY, 29 JULY 2012
After we were hit by some sun finally, one of the chillies decided to turn red. Now I am waiting for more to follow and then I will start the tasting. Are they any good?

MONDAY, 02 JULY 2012
Things might not go too well outside in the garden, but inside on the windowsill things are really going well, like for example the chillies. I'm already looking forward to when they are ready. I just have to make sure to continue to pollinate new flowers coming up. 

Once in a while I also can pick a ripe tomato from one of the plants on the windowsill. That's lovely.

The time for harvesting rhubarb is up now - give the plant some time to rest until next year. It should be time for strawberries now. However, there is little to see. Only the wild strawberries are going.

I had already the chance to make good use of them - eating them.
Whatsoever, I still have the feeling, the thyme will take over the garden. Any suggestions on good recipes with thyme?

Did a little bit in the garden today. The beans and the gourds are in now. To give you a bit more insight into what size of garden I am talking here, I took a picture today.

That's all that is to it. As you can see in the picture at the rear left, I got rid of the rhubarb flowers to allow the plant to use all the energy for the stalks. 

SUNDAY, 8 MAY 2012
I have a tiny garden patch, nothing really serious. Just a bit to experiment with and to have some fresh herbs. Then I also have the extended garden - my windowsill. At one point, though, there is no more room to put pots.
What is going on at the moment in the garden?

The supply of thyme is inexhaustible, so it seems. It's starts to flower at the moment.

While talking about flowering, the strawberries are also going for it. Hopefully, this is giving a hint what I will be eating in the time to come.

Also the rhubarb is showing some blossoms. Well, what do they say about it? You should remove them, because it weakens the plant, becuase energy goes in their instead of into the stalks. At least, I wanted to enjoy it once!

Time will tell what the year will do to my garden ... or what I will do to it ...

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