Monday, 22 September 2014

Just saying ...

I don't know, if you already knew, but I changed with my blog to a new url and to a different platform. I am not 100 % sure why I am doing it, but ... I am. So, maybe it's going to be a little bit of confusion here and there, but you can still check out my old posts and recipes around here at the old spot and everything new you find here:

From now on you will find my posts there. So, if you have some kind of link to my blog on yours, that would be the address to link to from now on. 
I will see how everything works at the new place. Sometimes there is just the need for change. Well, I had already a few changes in my life and some of them where quite negative. Now, I would be looking for big positive changes, but I don't know whether that will be it. I only hope, you still show up and read to what's going on in my kitchen and in my mind.

I see you then ...


  1. Ahh you had me worried for a minute ! Glad to see the globe-cooking adventures will continue ! Hope nothing too bad has been going on in your life, sending hugs xx

    1. Thank you very much, Cheryl! I refuse to give up so far. Most of the time I can manage.


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