Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Bloggers Around the World December Round-Up: South Africa

As the year draws to its end so does the month of December. Ah, that's nothing special. It happens all the time, every year. No big deal. However, this year it coincides with the end of the Bloggers Around the World challenge ... South Africa, not the whole thing as such.
The theme looked promising. At least for me, I learned a lot and I put my mind into things that might change me once more. Anyway, change is always going on, but often you don't notice them. As for me I would still be twenty, would I not see those who where little when I first met them becoming adults.
Well, you are always as old as you feel. Hm ... I don't like to ponder over such thoughts after I did some sports ... In fact I don't like to ponder about it right now either. After all, this is going to be the Bloggers Around the World round-up for December. 

So we want to talk about food, not age. Let's dive into it then ...

I would like to start with my Bobotie with Yellow Rice and Tomato & Onion Sambal. That was what I at least wanted to try. I had higher plans and wanted to try more originally, but ... as time goes by. Anyway, here it is ...

It was very delicious, as I told you before.

As we head over to The Culinary Cucumber we get some more delicious food served by Sylvia. She offers us some scrumptious South African Tomato Bredie.  

South African Tomato Bredie2

Look at this lovely red colour. As you head over to study the recipe more closely you get to know the difference between mutton and lamb as well. So, what are you waiting for.

Then ... eh ... well, we have something more for you: South African Mince Curry. You can find it on Foodjam. Deon has some lovely flavours going on there. So, it's definitely worth a look, too.

Finished Curry

I would love to offer you some pudding right now, like for example a Melktert, but sadly I am not in the position to do so. 
As a matter of fact we not only have reached the end of the year, of December and of the Bloggers Around the World challenge South Africa, but also the end of this round-up.
Thank you for everyone who had a share this month and the whole year as well.
I am looking forward to visiting some more countries in 2014. Therefore you will find out where we go next in ... eh ... the next year. 

See thee!

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