Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bloggers Around the World July Round-up: Sweden

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for stopping by and of course thank you to all those who actively had a share in our virtual food trip to Sweden.


Don't let me beat around the bush, but go directly into the matter. Make no fuss about it. As I already mentioned, I don't have any pictures from Sweden and, no, I didn't make it to Sweden since.
Enjoy some nice food then ...

We like to start with Rachel, who has a Swedish Cheesecake for us. 

Swedish baking - cheesecake

The fun part is, if you are going to try the recipe for yourself, you are even going to make the cheese yourself. Isn't that great?
As a thought on the side, while reading Rachel's "About Me" page, I found out, she might even speak more languages then I do as she shares another hobby of mine. Anyways ...

From cheesecake served with strawberry jam to berries, berries, berries ... I think you get the gist of it and remember the Ă„ggkaka here on this blog along with a few other things.


We don't need to stay too long with it, but rather move on to ...

... some more cake from Susan: Kladdkaka. I have resolved to class this as a great cake. Fine, it's a Salted Caramel Sticky Chocolate Cake. Not convinced? Then head over and get ...

Does the cake not clearly say "You must love me"?

Enough of cake, though. After we hopefully sufficiently satisfied our sweet tooth, it's time to close the meal with a few savoury treats ...

Susan has something more in stock for us: Split Pea Soup & Oven Pancakes (alright, alright). Something quick, easy and healthy for all of us.

Do you see the beauty in the simplicity? Enjoy it!

As we come towards the end of our meal, Caroline serves us some lovely Swedish Style Fish Cakes. What a coincidence. Have you noticed? Every post included some sort of cake. Isn't that lovely and funny and scary at the same time. Whatsoever, those fish cakes are not scary at all ...

Have a look, bite, taste ... whatever you deem right.

Just in case I haven't made myself perfectly clear: Thank you to all those who had a share this time!!!

So what happens now? Where are we going to? The future will show ...



  1. Oh Chris, there just isn't enough time around. I'd so like to have entered this. I'd like to enter all of your blogging around the world challenges, it's good to learn what else is out there around the world. BUT I just keep running out of time. Rubbish excuse, but true.

    Anyway, it all looks lovely especially the pea soup and kladkaka

    1. I so truly believe this. However, I reckon, this time it's me running out on something ...

  2. I want that chocolate cake, and I want it now! (Also, I might know a bit about a lot of languages, but I'm a long way from fluent, sadly... I'm working on my Turkish at the moment.)

    1. I absolutely understand the thing with the chocolate cake. (Well, I'm kind of using my very limited Turkish regularly.)

  3. Have you announced which country you're doing next?

    1. Sorry, no, I am having internal difficulties right now, but I plan a post at the weekend and allow time for until the end of September.


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