Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Raiders of the Lost Cake - ChoPeaPan-Cake

There comes a time in the life of a man, where he has to go nuts … Wait! That is nuts!
Let’s start again! Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do, even if it is nuts … Hm, that sounds nuts, too.
Under certain circumstances things might just go nuts … argh … forget it. It’s all nuts anyway.
What I really wanted to say is: It’s time to prepare some nice sweet food and while doing that use some nuts, because I want it that way … and … read right to the end to find out.
Some time ago I read about a cake with pancakes and just kept the information in mind. You never know when things might come in handy. Well, today was that day. I was in the mood for a cake, but not really for the process of proper baking. On top of that, I still didn’t go shopping and was once again left with what was … eh … left at home in the storage.
This now leads to our ChoPeaPan-Cake. 

Let me say just one more thing before I start.
Or well, put in a little story again. You might know the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indy has recovered the Ark and lost it. Now he is free again and the Germans want to get the Ark away with a truck. Here goes the dialogue between Indy and Sallah. Indy: “Meet me at Omar’s. be ready for me. I’m going after that truck.” Sallah: “How?” Indy: “I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go.”

In that spirit I like to go on here, making it up as I go. This is more or less a live post. It is the first time I try this cake. It might or might not be nice. We will see later. If not, this recipe might be usable with some adjustments. I try to include suggestions if necessary.
What you might need:
One 250 ml cup of spelt flour
The same cup filled with milk
One whatever sized free range (if desired organic) well, eh … egg
A pinch of salt
One tablespoon of cocoa powder
100 g of dark chocolate
100 g of butter
2 tablespoons of vanilla sugar
50 g or so salted or unsalted peanut butter (as you wish)
As many peanuts as it takes
Oil for frying
How you might do it:
Make a pancake batter using the flour, the milk, the egg, a pinch of salt, the cocoa powder and one tablespoon of vanilla sugar. Beat it all like nuts.
Meanwhile heat a drop of oil in a small pan. If you want a bigger cake, you might have to double the amounts and use a bigger pan respectively.
Before you begin frying your cocoa pancakes in the pan, start to melt the chocolate together with the butter in a bowl above boiling water. Have it going? Good!
Now go for the pancakes. You should get four.
What I did then is, I finished one pancake, put it on a plate and started a new pancake. While that was happening, I spread some peanut butter on the ready pancake and scattered some peanuts on it.  
Then the next pancake, peanut butter, peanuts, pancake, peanut butter, peanuts and finishing off with the last pancake.  
When the chocolate has melted and looks shiny and silky, you can add the vanilla sugar and let the mass cool down a bit before you pour it over the layered pancakes.
Oh … there is a four legged visitor at the door. No problem! I still have a bit time for the dogs. I have got something nice for them as well. After all, that is what they always want … apart from love of course.  
hungry wolves
Since sufficient(?) time has passed, we can pour the chocolate over the pancakes and … end up with a cake swimming in a pool of chocolate (sorry, the photo with the swimming cake didn't work out - don't know, why I had just one shot).
So … off to the fridge with the cake and with me to the computer to write this (right here it becomes more live).
It has been one hour now. I go and have a look.
Not so bad, the chocolate solidified. That gives me the opportunity to transfer the cake to a fresh plate and start with scraping off and eating the chocolate sticking to the old plate. Yum yum – chocolaty and tasty! So our little experiment might have a happy ending.  
The ChoPeaPan-Cake could use some decoration. We still have some peanuts left we can place on top, doing it carefully.
I got on all peanuts safely, apart from one. Maybe you can spot it on the photo … or maybe not.    

In the end there is only one thing left to do: the taste check. After spending quite a little bit of time on that cake I can reward me with the final result. Or is it not a reward? Let’s see … or better say taste.
It took me some time to cut out a piece of cake for me and  to take some final photos.    
Now the final verdict:
I’m not quite so sure about the salty peanut butter. It tasted fine, but since I did use this one and not the other one I cannot judge what tastes better … hm … but I think it has it’s place. All in all it was not so sweet. You might want to experiment a bit with the amounts of sugar or the kind of chocolate you use – maybe a better quality chocolate would be useful here or even one with flavour – I would suggest a Milka chocolate with Daim pieces in it. I could imagine doing it that way and tweak the amount of sugar for the pancake batter might change a tasty treat into a divine one.
This is the point where you have to either trust my judgement or you have to do it as Indy says in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: “There is only one way to find out.” Then he took the holy grail with water and had a drink from it.
Ah … that was quite and adventure Indy had there.
And a nutty adventure we had here as well indeed (even without a bullwhip, Fedora hat and leather jacket).
To be precise, this was a sweet adventure for the July Sweet Adventures Blog Hop – Nuts about Sweets – hosted by Nic from Dining with a Stud (Here you go! That is what I wanted to say in the beginning! Well, sometimes I can be a bit nuts!).
Why not have a go yourself or check out the other for sure lovely posts!


  1. Hahahaha brilliant! We all go a little nuts sometimes ;) This looks SO amazing :D thanks for joining the hop!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad I could join.

  2. Looks like a temptation on a plate.

    1. Yep, might be true. I for sure will have some more of it later.

  3. Chris,
    Bravo for giving it a go! What a novel post.
    I did have a giggle when you said "what you might need" and "there is a 4 legged visitor at the door".
    Great stuff! Keep it up Chris :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Jacqueline! I'm glad you liked it and had fun reading it. I just tried to be honest, because I wasn't sure how things would work out.
      That 4 legged visitor is nearly visiting daily or even several times during the day.

  4. That looks interesting, love the little wolves hee hee!

    1. I think I had too much of it today.
      I love those little wolves too. I'm really happy to have them around!

  5. Looks fab and those wolves are adorable.

    1. The bad thing with the cake is, I have to do it again to enjoy it. The good thing with the wolves is, they are here all the time!

  6. You had me at chocolate pancakes, I would have just smothered one and eaten that - heehee!

    1. Um ... eh ... well, the cake could have had one layer more, but ... you know!

  7. Great experimentation there Chris and a fabulous idea. All that unctuous chocolate. Think I migt try something similar with some other type of nut. Thinking candied walnuts or walnuts in a honey syrup maybe. Thank you for the great inspiration.

    1. Thank you! I think that is what it is all about giving and getting inspiration. You are very welcome!

  8. Awwww your little hungry wolves are adorable!! I love all of that delicious and nutty chocolate goodness.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
      It is always a joy with these little wolves. It can only be a bit annoying when they go nuts.

  9. This has to be the funniest post ever!!! Not to mention very tasty looking... I laughed the whole way to the end. Love the Indian Jones reference... absolutely perfect. I'm definitely an Indian Jones type of cook... I can never make the same thing twice which makes it really hard to write up recipes. Your little wolves are so cute.. We have a 'lion' that regularly graces our kitchen :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! True, there are so many more cooking adventures out there ...

  10. Ha! I love it! And I was totally picturing someone busying away in the kitchen in Indiana Jones get-up - so I'll just pretend I didn't read the bit where you said you weren't wearing the fedora etc...

    1. If you wish so ... having the bag of flour in one hand carefully weighing out whether it might be enough not to activate some traps ... putting it in ... running for it ...

  11. Love the cake! And the hungry wolves are absolutely gorgeous!


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